Figure Drawing

Figure Drawings with Adobe Illustrator CC on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

- Adobe Illustrator / Surface Pro 3 -
Every Wednesday evening a large group gathers at the co-working space called Bat Haus. They haul in their prefered art supplies and greet the organizer, handing over $10 per person. They proceed to the giant cooler to pick up a couple cans of Brooklyn Brewery Lager then scurry off to find an empty seat. The crowd varies in age and drawing ability but the atmosphere is very friendly and supportive to all who sought the opportunity to draw from a live nude model. Once everyone has settled in, the model begins by doing a sets of 1 minute poses. As the night progresses the poses become longer with the final pose lasting 20 minutes.
- Drink N Draw at Bat Haus -
- Experimental Drink N Draw at Muchmore's -
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